Cast & Crew

Afloat is the initiative of actress and model Cheyenne Löhnen. Like many others, Cheyenne has been a victim of sexual assault and abuse herself. She is making a film about it, hoping to give the victims a voice and raise awareness for this worldwide problem. She does this in collaboration with director Jan Pool.

Jan Pool: Director & Screenwriter

Jan Pool (1966) is an international acclaimed film and tv director, writer and producer from the Netherlands. He has worked on diverse film productions, documentaries and drama series for both public and commercial broadcast organizations. 
For his short films #Paradise9 (2014) and Terminus (2021) he received several awards, both national and international. Besides being an awardwinning full-time film and tv director Jan is also a full-time dad and has two amazing daughters and a son. As a father, he finds that it is his duty to create more awareness for victims of sexual violence and for this worldwide problem. That's why he and Cheyenne Löhnen - the co-writer, producer and actress of the film - teamed up and made 'Afloat', hoping to give the victims a voice.

Cheyenne Löhnen: Screenwriter, Producer & Actress

Introducing Cheyenne Löhnen; the writer, producer and lead actress of Afloat
 and the woman behind this film.
 Cheyenne is a Dutch film actress, model and producer located in The 
Netherlands. She is 24 years old and has been working in the film industry for
 years. She is known for her roles in ‘Keizersvrouwen’, Nu Kan Ik Je Voelen’,
‘Voordat Je Gaat’, ‘De Date Die Helemaal Misging’, ‘Pretty’, ‘Forlorn’, ‘Rosmi’ and
‘To Wander Off’.
 Like many others, Cheyenne herself has been a victim of sexual violence and 
sexual abuse herself. That’s why she made Afloat. With this film she wants to 
give the victims a voice and create more awareness for this worldwide problem.
 Afloat is not autobiographical but it is inspired on her own experiences as a
 victim. It is also the first short film she ever made.

Biography Cheyenne Löhnen
Short film Stuck

Other team members


Cheyenne Löhnen

Frans Dam

Errol Mc Cabe


Cheyenne Löhnen & Arnold Strachovsky

Production assistant
Noa IJsvelt & Anka Konings

First assistant director
Luuk Audenaerde

Director of photography
Johan Dijkstra

Camera assistants
Giel Roggeveen
Simon van Rijn

Assistants to the director
Ruben De Goeij & Christian Groot


Marc Raps

Martyn van der Sluis, Tim van den Broeke & Ivo Vorhagen

Script supervisor
Christian Groot

Art Direction
Annick Mooij & Noa IJsvelt

Noa Ijsvelt, Anka Konings & Cheyenne Löhnen

Makeup Artist
Donnee Leenders

Didi Spaans

Sound Design
BRAK_studio – Alain Kalender
Stefan de Groen

Colin van der Lei